About Us

LOCnificent Fest was established in Brooklyn, NY in 2018.  The Founder, Lovaeta K. Amoako, derived the concept from her love of locs and the culture, beauty, and history associated with them.

As someone with an active social life, Lovaeta enjoyed going to day parties, festivals, live performances, cultural events, and any activity or gathering that managed to create a space that promoted the uplifting of black and brown communities, especially.  As she would attend events, she yearned for the opportunity to walk into a space full of beautiful loc’d kings and queens and alas, here we are.

LOCnificent Fest is an opportunity for people to gather and celebrate locs and the beauty, spirituality, and pride associated with them.  LOCnificent is a setting where we aim to dispel misconceptions and negative connotations around locs/dreadlocks and have fun while doing it!